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Audio Service hearing aids are made with the belief that great hearing technology should be accessible to all. Our broad range of high-quality, easy-to-use hearing aids include the latest features and designs, ensuring there is a model to fit every need and budget. If you are looking for the latest hearing technology, they are the smart choice.

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Accurate comprehension and natural sound: Quality of hearing is quality of life. Therefore, our products, services and offerings pursue only one objective: making your customers happier. We strongly believe that this is the best way to retain customers over the long term. This is why we rely on the highest level of service quality to support you and your company as individually as possible.


Life is too loud for silence

The new hearing aids by Audio Service

SR Li 7 Slim-RIC hearing Aids

SR Li 7

Slim an stylish.

Our rechargeable SR Li 7 now features the latest G7 technology, including Multi-Track Processing for better speech understanding without compromise.

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ITE Li 7 Custom Hearing Aids


To underline the significant of sustainable products we are delighted to introduce our first custom hearing aid with lithium-ion technology. With the MR (magnetic resonance) charging function the hearing aids are very easy to handle and also have a fast charge function.
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R Li 7 RIC (Receiver-in-canal) Hearing Aids

R Li 7

Our most popular form factor now comes with Multi-Track Processing for better hearing in noise. This new technology improves hearing in the most complicated situations by analyzing and transmitting different sound signals separately.
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All about hearing

Learn more about hearing and hearing loss!

Ears have many more functions than one realizes at first. They ensure fundamental reception of speech, music and sounds. And they serve purposes of orientation and localization. You only need to close your eyes and fully concentrate on your ears. You will then notice that directional hearing is an invaluable guide. 
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