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Audio Service is focused on partnering with customers to build successful hearing businesses. From independent audiologists to retail brands, we put your brand first. Using our extensive expertise in the hearing category, we work to help you build the offering and brands your customers want.

We operate as an extension of your business - from developing the right initial product range and service model, to creating the market-driven innovations that keep you moving forward. In this fast-growing industry, our goal is to be your preferred private label partner. To reach this goal we offer you the whole portfolio of three different hearing aid labels.

We work for the success of our partners.

Accurate comprehension and natural sound: Quality of hearing is quality of life. Therefore, our products, services and offerings pursue only one objective: making your customers happier. We strongly believe that this is the best way to retain customers over the long term. This is why we rely on the highest level of service quality to support you and your company as individually as possible.


Life is too loud for silence

The new hearing systems from Audio Service

Stiline G6

Our innovative Slim-RIC design now features the latest motion technology that automatically recognizes and adapts to over 120 different sound situations. This ensures users get the best possible hearing experience.


Ida BT G5

With the new Ida BT, media content can for the first time be played on a custom hearing system via Direct Audio Streaming or Smart Mic. Thanks to the G5 technology, the Ida BT is equipped with many additional innovative features. 


quiX G6

Our virtually invisible Instant Fit hearing aids now feature the latest G6 technology that automatically recognizes and adapts to up to 60 different hearing situations. Exchangeable ear molds provide individualization and optimal wearing comfort.


The culmination of hearing system manufacture for us is the production of high-quality custom hearing systems. Here our employees create small wonders of technology: nearly invisible custom hearing systems with many extras which take all desires and needs into particular consideration during production.

Engineering and craftsmanship

All about hearing

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Ears have many more functions than one realizes at first. They ensure fundamental reception of speech, music and sounds. And they serve purposes of orientation and localization. You only need to close your eyes and fully concentrate on your ears. You will then notice that directional hearing is an invaluable guide. 

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