Our first rechargeable and nearly invisible Instant Fit for even better hearing in noise.

The virtually invisible IF CIC Li 8 now comes with Auto Optimization for even better hearing in noise. This enhanced technology improves hearing in complicated, noisy social situations by analyzing and optimizing the sound signals.
The IF CIC Li 8 is our first rechargeable CIC. It has nearly the same size as the battery driven device. We offer a small Travel Charger which charges the hearing aids galvanically, and has an integrated powerbank to charge the hearing aids on the go.

IF CIC Li 8 standard equipment

  • G8 Auto Optimization
  • IP 68 Rating
  • AudioTronic 1 Mic
  • First rechargeable IF CIC
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Easy handling of IF CIC Li 8

Watch our short tutorials to see how easy it is to take care of the IF CIC Li 8 hearing aids.

Charging of IF CIC Li 8 hearing aids
Charging of IF CIC Travel Charger
Cleaning of IF CIC Li 8 hearing aids
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