The new G6 - More than 120 hearing szenarios. Automatically.

Because life is in motion.

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Stiline BT

Stiline and Stiline BT are developed to combat stigma. And with this in mind, we have raised the bar in terms of appearance and functionality.

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New power for every day

Mood Li-Ion G5 and DUO Li-Ion G5 now available in Tech Level 4 and 6

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DUO Li-Ion G5

Full performance even with long-term use: equipped with the lithium-ion technology, it offers the full power of its smart features for a sustained period without any battery changes.

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Intelligent like never before

Ida BT G5 is the first Audio Service custom hearing system with Direct Audio Streaming technology via Bluetooth and standard wireless functionality.

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I´m in the Mood

The Mood Li-Ion G5 combines the modern G5 features like Direct Audio Streaming with the powerful and long-lasting lithium-ion technology.

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Audio Service, as varied as your expectations

We at Audio Service develop convenient system solutions for a perfect hearing experience. To achieve this, we combine high technology with aesthetic design – and thus ensure more quality of life for persons with hearing impairment. Intuitively operated fitting software and innovative accessories give you, as a hearing systems specialist, complete freedom during individual fittings. Learn more about our perfectly coordinated complete package.

We work for the success of our partners.
Accurate comprehension and natural sound: Quality of hearing is quality of life. Therefore, our products, services and offerings pursue only one objective: making your customers happier. We strongly believe that this is the best way to retain customers over the long term. This is why we rely on the highest level of service quality to support you and your company as individually as possible.
Oliver Wroblewski, customer consultant

Life is too loud for silence

The new hearing systems from Audio Service

Mood Li-Ion G5

Full connectivity with simultaneous binaural data processing combined with lithium-ion technology. Convenient recharging with inductive charging technology, independence thanks to up to 19 hours of battery life and full integration in everyday life with the aid of the Smart Direct app

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Ida BT G5

With the new Ida BT, media content can for the first time be played on a custom hearing system via Direct Audio Streaming or Smart Mic. Thanks to the G5 technology, the Ida BT is equipped with many additional innovative features.

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Icon G5 Precise

The smallest custom model from Audio Service is the cosmetic solution for your customers who want the most discreet system possible. With the ultra-small Icon G5 Precise, you can clearly tell the difference thanks to the new smaller microphone and the thinner shell.

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German engineering and craftsmanship
The culmination of hearing system manufacture for us is the production of high-quality custom hearing systems. All custom hearing systems of Tech Level 16 are produced exclusively by hand in our factory. Here our employees create small wonders of technology: nearly invisible custom hearing systems with many extras which take all desires and needs into particular consideration during production.
Sebastian Rzehanek, Head of Production
German engineering and craftsmanship

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