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Don´t just sell hearing aids – build your brand!

We are committed to help you as our customer in building and strengthening your brand. 

Branding has become one of the most important aspects of business strategy; it is a key tool for creating and maintaining a competitive advantage in a crowded market.

The key to differentiate is your brand, that is reflecting your specialist’s expertise together with your fitting and service philosophy. This unique differentiator enables you to secure future business and independence. Building brand awareness is the first step toward ensuring consumers think of you when they are considering a purchase.

Helping you build your brand – not just sell hearing aids

With our Marketing Toolbox you can customize a broad range of materials – digital and physical – to put your brand first and start engaging your customers.

The Audio Service Marketing Toolbox makes building your brand as easy as ever. We offer highly customizable print and digital marketing material for every step of the customer journey, including advertisements, social media posts, newsletter templates, videos, flyers, hearing aid packaging, hearing aid cases and much more.

All materials can be customized according to your brand’s look and feel through our self-service online platform. Just log-in and you can customize and order in a few clicks. The intuitive interface makes it easy to customize virtually all aspects of our full range of print and online materials.

  • Integrate your logo and own pictures
  • Change colors and fonts to reflect your brand design
  • Adapt headlines and copy text
  • Add further information like your shop address, opening hours, quotes, or welcome greetings

Offer your customer a product they can trust: Yours

Audio Service products have been adapted to remove all branding aside from a small, generic product identifier, which is a regulatory requirement. Using the Marketing Toolbox, you can create your brand around the product by customizing packaging, the hearing aid box, and product information like flyers, social media posts etc. 
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Convert your customers to loyalists

customized batterie packages
If you sell your customer a battery driven hearing aid it is easy to build a good customer relationship with him if you provide hearing aid batteries. When the battery packaging is printed with your logo your brand will stick in the minds of your customers. For this reason, we offer different options for you to get batteries with your branding. 
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