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Offer your customers a product they can trust: Yours

Instead of building other people’s brands by only offering manufacturer branded products, it is now possible to complement your portfolio by offering your customers your own "private label" with a neutral Audio Service device.
Audio Service products have been adapted to remove all branding aside from a small, generic product identifier, which is a regulatory requirement. Using the Marketing Toolbox, you can create your ‘own’ brand around the product by customizing packaging, the hearing aid case, and product information like flyers, social media posts etc.

White Label Hearing Aids
By using our latest technology, unbranded Audio Service hearing aids are trusted by millions of people worldwide, while battery and rechargeable options in the full range of form factors ensure there is a model for everyone. With our deep understanding of the audiology business, we can help develop the right product range for your business to ensure you can always serve the needs of your customers.
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