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G8 takes hearing in noise to the next level

Designed to address the most important aspect of hearing in noise, our G8 platform takes hearing in noisy social situations to the next level. The latest generation of Multi-Track Processing can process and balance multiple target speakers at once, while maintaining environmental awareness. Auto Optimization constantly and automatically adjusts the hearing aids’ settings to perfectly match the users listening focus and environment.
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Automatically balances multiple target speakers at once, while maintaining environmental awareness.

G8 Multi-Track Processing

G8 Multi-Track Processing

The latest generation of Multi-Track Processing in G8 hearing aids takes our revolutionary approach to the next level. Multi-Track Processing now uses up to five tracks to process and balance multiple target speakers at once, while maintaining environmental awareness for users – for better speech understanding, even in noisy social situations.
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G8 Auto Optimization

G8 Auto Optimization uses input from the hearing aid’s motion sensor, classifier, signal to noise ratio, ambient modulation and the users’ own voice to constantly optimize the hearing aids’ settings. This allows G8 to perfectly match the users listening focus and environment automatically, which also helps make fitting as easy and effective as possible.

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