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Decoration ear moulds

For those who want a more individual look, Audio Service offers soft ear moulds in a wide range of colors and color combinations, and diverse options for decoration as well. There is practically no end to the combinations you can choose from.


For soft ear moulds, there is a wide range of color options -. From 1-color transparent or opaque to 2-color or 3-color – so an ear mould can be made to suit every taste.

verschiedene Farbvarianten von Otoplastiken
-einfarbig transparent (lila)
-einfarbig (lila)
-zweifarbig (blau/grün)


Decorative elements can also be added to any soft ear mould, whether transparent or colored. Audio Service offers a broad selection of these elements in different colors and shapes.

verschiedene Dekovarianten von Otoplastiken
- Blumen (mehre Farben)
- Sterne (gold)