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Audio Shell and Open Tip

Audio Shell

Open Folie
  • Is the open BTE custom solution – ideal for successful fitting, DGBM-protected
  • With the AudioFix clamp system, the variable-length tube with the Audio Shell can be aligned perfectly with the ear and individually fixed in place
  • The Audio Shell is extremely open and fits securely in every situation
  • Thanks to the intelligent, reusable clamping sleeve, the tube can be changed rapidly at any time without boring and gluing.

Audio Shell: Typical degree of openness 87%

The CLIC MOULD can also be used instead of the Audio Shell, as this is compatible with the AudioFix system and can be used with an adapter. The CLIC MOULD is equipped with the HF 3 wax guard, tried-and-tested a million times.

Open Tip

Open Tip
  • Quick-start option for open-ear systems
  • Ideal preparation for fitting a customised hearing system

Open Tip: Typical degree of openness 48 %

All DUO and XS BTE models can be fitted conventionally or open.