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RIC hearing systems

In these hearing systems, the receiver (speaker) sits directly next to the eardrum. While the receiver is built into the housing in standard behind-the-ear hearing systems, in RIC hearing systems the receiver is on the end of the thin tube.

Fine cables running through the tube connect the housing to the receiver.


Depending on individual requirements and type of hearing loss, Sun hearing systems offer a wide range of options for state-of-the-art hearing system fitting. Sun hearing systems address slight to severe hearing loss and deliver an impressive degree of wearer comfort, user-friendliness and flexibility.


RIC hearing system MOOD
Audio Service Modell: Mood silver

With Mood, we have integrated the latest technical features into cutting-edge hearing systems. In developing this technology, we focused on hearing comfort, suitability for everyday use, flexibility and the best possible support for the hearing-system wearer.


Rixx hearing system at the ear
hearing system Rixx

Rixx are RIC hearing systems for people who put discretion high on their agenda. Rixx combines a small size unique for a hearing system in this tech level with state-of-the-art automatic functions.