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In-the-ear hearing systems

Discreet and powerful

Each person’s auditory canal is unique. This requires different models, ranging from very small hearing systems that fit deep inside the auditory canal to hearing systems that are worn in the concha. All in-the-ear models have one thing in common: they are customised and tailor-made using state-of-the-art laser technology so they are extremely comfortable to wear.

Hearing loss can take different forms. You will therefore have your own specific requirements, all of which your hearing system has to meet. The individual models have small but very sophisticated internal technology. Every model is therefore available with different performance characteristics and features, depending on requirements.


DIC hearing systems are extremely small and can thus be inserted deep in the auditory canal so that they sit directly next to the eardrum and are therefore not externally visible. The Audio Service model: Icon.


Mini CIC Hearing System
Audio Service-Modell: Icon

Mini CiC hearing systems are small and cosmetically discreet. CiC means Completely in the Canal, i.e. the hearing system sits deep inside the auditory canal. The Audio Service model: Icon.


Mini CIC hearing system Sina G2
Audio Service-Modell: Sina G2

CIC models are very discreet and only slightly larger than Mini CIC models. The Audio Service model: Sina.


Gehörgang System: Vega S
Audio-Service-Modell: Vega S

These models sit directly at the start of the auditory canal. The Audio Service model: Vega.


This model is very easy and comfortable to operate using a rocker switch. The Audio Service model: Ida.