Unity 3

Unity 3

Maximum efficiency - Minimum size. For precise diagnostics and effortless fitting.

Unity™ 3 is a PC-controlled diagnostic and fitting system designed to simplify and speed up many of your daily work processes. Above and beyond that, it makes your business more cost-effective by minimizing downtime for calibration and service.

Unity 3

The perfect modular concept

The modular hardware and software system components offer utmost flexibility to fit your individual needs, and its versatility enables faster and better measurements – so you can offer your customers a more pleasant, comfortable fitting experience with more precise results. Learn how Unity 3 intuitively supports the work of any Hearing Care Professional – before, during and after the fitting process.

The Unity 3 system offers the following modules, which can be combined and subsequently supplemented individually and according to your needs:

  • Pure tone audiometer with or without extended high frequencies
  • Speech audiometry
  • Classic probe measurement
  • Speech Mapping
  • Hearing aid analyzer with testbox
  • Video Otoscope

Easy to use 

  • Individual workflow settings support the creation of your own test protocols, which can be combined from all measurement modules as required.
  • Binaural measurements can be performed simultaneously, reducing measurement time by half.
  • A masking assistant is available to make masked pure tone measurement easy and effective.
  • Flexible probe microphone system enables uncomplicated positioning of probe microphones, regardless of ear size.
  • Integrated amplifiers for up to 3 speakers and additional optical signal output (TOSLink) for connecting external amplifiers.
  • Fully compatible with Noah fitting software for seamless integration.
  • Seamless integration with Connexx Eight and IMC2 certified there is no need to toggle between different fitting tools.
  • Unity’s completely independent architecture enables use as standalone system with its own patient database.
  • Easy comparison of current measurement results with measurements of older date.
  • Automated, sequential execution of measurements in REM and Speech Mapping Module saves time in verifying hearing aid settings.

Smart Service Support

  • All transducers have their own calibration data stored on-board. Thanks to the plug and play concept, you do not need to wait for the calibration service to come but can simply plug them in and start working.
  • No service downtime: Benefit from plug and play transducers and perform sound-field calibration with the included measurement probe microphone.
  • Automatic software updates and upgrades with our update manager.

Small dimension

  • The required footprint for the complete Unity system has been optimized. If a Unity 3 test box is present, the Unity 3 Fitting Unit can simply be hooked onto the back of the test box, thus requiring only minimally more space for both devices.
  • Fits any room concept: The fitting unit can be mounted to a wall or be attached below a desktop.
  • Take only what you need: The modular system can be disassembled and allows taking only the small fitting unit with you on the go while leaving the larger testbox behind.
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