Device Compatibility

Compatibility Check List

In addition to the automatic device compatibility check above, the most important compatibility prerequisites are listed below.

Direct streaming to hearing aids via Bluetooth

Please note that streaming performance can vary based upon phone manufacturer / model.

Apple devices:

Audio Service hearing aids connect directly to your iPhone, iPad or iPod so that you can stream your phone calls and music directly into your hearing aids.
Made for iPhone hearing devices

Android devices:

With Audio Service devices it is now also possible to stream directly to Android devices via the ASHA (Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids) standard.

Mobile devices enabled for Headset Mode phone calls with hearing aids

Please ensure you use the latest version of iOS/iPadOS that is available for your Apple device (how to update your Apple device).
Icon Headset Mode

Mobile devices compatible with the Audio Service App:

Audio Service App Screenshot

Mobile devices compatible with the Smart Connect App:

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