G5 Technology

The G5 platform combines modern features such as Occlumatic and Direct Audio Streaming with perfect adjustment to the listening situation. The extended dynamic range ensures a good sound quality while the SpatialSpot helps you to focus on your conversation.


With the G5 technology we introduced the Occlumatic feature. With Occlumatic the hearing aid recognizes the wearer´s specific voice pattern and integrates it into the signal processing. In turn this enables the wearer to perceive their own voice as naturally as possible and ensures a high level of spontaneous acceptance. 


With Spatial Spot even in a conversation with a focus on the front the hearing aid wearer will be able to hear the environment as spatial sound is mixed in so the wearer is not cut off from the environment.

Direct Audio Streaming

G5  features Direct Audio Streaming from iPhones for smart hearing. The G5 technology connects your hearing aids to the iPhone – and thus the family, friends, the navigation app, or the latest iTunes playlist – completely automatically and without additional devices. 

Extended dynamic range

The extended dynamic range makes it possible to perceive sounds and noises of different volumes and intensities with no noticeable distortion in all programs of the hearing aid. This comes in very handy while listening to music.
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