Delivery situation and protective measures in current Covid-19-situation


Dear friends and partners of Audio Service,

we are currently experiencing special times that raise many questions. We would like to briefly answer the most pressing questions in connection with Covid-19 and our partnership.

What is the current delivery situation?

We have a global production and supply chain that is built across countries and continents. That enables us to have a good base and great flexibility to deal with the Covid-19 situation. We are currently fully capable of production and delivery and able to carry out your orders.

Can delivery be maintained in the future?

We have prepared for various risk scenarios. We have contingency plans when potential distribution and transportation challenges arise. We do daily risk assessments and work closely with our carriers and suppliers to maintain a high production standard and to be able to supply you safely. So, we are well prepared. But we are also aware that despite all emergency plans and good preparation, we cannot give you a 100% guarantee. Of course, we will contact you immediately and directly if delivery bottlenecks should occur.

Have we taken protective measures for customers and employees?

Emergency plans for our headquarters in Löhne (Germany) have been drawn up and are being implemented. All employees must comply with hygiene regulations when entering the company and also during working hours. External access to the building is only permitted in exceptional cases. We also stick to changing social relationships: meetings take place digital, in personal contact we keep a distance from each other and do without physical gestures such as shaking hands. To further protect our employees, working is arranged from home where possible.

Of course, we would like to protect and support you in the current situation by primarily communicating by telephone and electronically. In a joint exchange, let us determine how we can support you and your company individually and tailor-made.

Dear friends and partners of Audio Service, we hope that this information has given you some security in uncertain times.

Stay safe!

Kind regards from Löhne,

Your Audio Service team