Hearing aid batteries

As many of our hearing aids are battery operated, we offer high quality hearing aid batteries to ensure that the best hearing experience can be achieved.
Our batteries are all mercury free zinc air batteries. Zinc air batteries provide longer life and more energy than any other cell system - systems that use other button cell batteries, such as watches, don’t require the same sort of power that hearing aids do. Zinc air batteries have a higher capacity-to-volume ratio (greater energy density) than other batteries. Nearly all cell systems must store all their reactive components entirely within the cell. Since zinc air uses oxygen from the air as a battery reactant, it frees a large amount of internal volume to allow for more zinc.  The more zinc means the longer the life.
You can order our own batterie labels like Masterlife and ExtraPower. Since our motto is your brand first, you can of course also get batteries with your logo. This will keep you in the mind of your customers because they constantly see the battery packaging with your logo. We have two different approaches for customized batteries.
1. Customizable blisters
We can offer batteries with the HCP logo on the blister. Therefore, we need a minimum order quantity of 600 cells.

2. Private Label batteries
Private label batteries are set up with a logo, brand or address. The minimum order quantity for a battery private label is 250k cells/year.
Of course, we also offer batteries based on manufacturer brands like Duracell, Power One or Rayovac.
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