The G6 platform - More hearing scenarios than before

With our G6 platform we add a new dimension to the detection of hearing situations. Due to the integrated Motion Sensor the HighRes Comformatic can tag over 120 different hearing scenarios. Automatically. Previous hearing systems analyze a hearing situation solely based on acoustic criteria and automatically classify that situation into one of roughly 6 alternative, predefined “acoustic environments”. But life is in motion and obviously there are countless individual hearing situations within each of these predefined acoustic environments. For example small talk at a party, walking with a friend in a lively city or taking part in a business conference. All totally different situations that were before bundled inside just one acoustic environment, although you may quite well expect very diverse hearing expectations in each of these situations.

The G6 platform incorporates a real-time motion sensor that enables HiRes Comformatic, adding a totally new dimension to the definition of specific hearing scenarios.

G6 Features:

+ HiRes Comformatic
+ Motion Sensor
+ Occlumatic
+ Streaming
+ New product design

G6 small and powerful:

+ 60% smaller chip
+ 80% more transistors
+ over 20 times more hearing situations

More hearing scenarios than ever. Automatically.

HiRes Comformatic

The HiRes Comformatic analyzes the acoustic environment more thoroughly than ever before. And goes beyond. The motion sensor adds a completely new dimension to the definition of specific hearing scenarios. The result is: a more individualized hearing experience and better sound quality than ever.

Motion Sensor

The new G6 platform features a motion sensor integrated into the hearing system. Now, adding a wearer’s movement into situation detection, G6 enables the definition of over 120 different hearing situations.


The hearing system recognizes the wearer’s specific voice pattern and integrates it into the signal processing. In turn, this enables the wearer to perceive his own voice as naturally as possible and ensures a high level of spontaneous acceptance. As a result, the wearer will communicate more and be more socially active, greatly improving their individual quality of life.


Audio signals from smartphones, TVs or HiFi devices can be streamed wirelessly to the hearing system directly or via a transmitter. The Smart Mic accessory allows Audio Streaming from an Android smartphone.
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