How do barn owls hear?

Barn owls have a very complex hearing: the distinctive mask consisting of a ring of feathers around the eyes functions as a kind of trumpet which directs the sound right into the ears. Furthermore, the ears of the barn owl are focused asymmetrically so that it can listen in various directions at the same time! This feature has been used repeatedly in technical contexts, for example to enhance the resolution of directional microphones.


The world of noises, tones and sounds is almost limitless. It is all the more astonishing that two such small sensory organs such as our ears can open up the world for us – thanks to their perfect external shape and their sophisticated internal structure. A marvel of nature. Read the full article

Hearing impairment - the types of hearing loss

When the function of the external and middle ear is impaired, this is referred to as conductive hearing loss. If the cause of hearing loss is in the area of the inner ear and auditory nerve (sensorineural hearing loss), the hair cells are frequently damaged. Read the full article

Protect your hearing - pay attention to noise!

Noise exposure is one of the main causes of hearing loss. Yet most people do not even notice if they are damaging their ears. Read the full article
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