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Tech level

We divide our products into six technical levels to help you find your way around our range. This table provides an overview of our products, the performance classes and maximum features. Depending on the technical features not all functions are available. Please see the product sites for the actual features.

16 12 8 6 4 3 Basic/2
Function Benefit
Speech comprehension
AudioFocus 360 Focuses automatically on the main speech signal
EchoClear Reduces echo effects and reverberations
Speech 360 The microphone focuses on speech in a 360° radius
AudioSpot Focuses on a narrowly restricted area to the front.
Panorama The microphone enables natural directional hearing
Comfort365 Dominant speech is highlighted, background noise is reduced
Adaptive The microphone suppresses moving sources of noise depending on the direction
Automatic The microphone automatically selects the most important sound source
Directional static The microphone picks up sound from in front
Hearing programs The hearing system is set for different situations 6 6 5 4 4 4 4
Channels Channels enable customized, fine adjustment of the hearing system with regard to the hearing loss 20 16 12 8 8 6 4
Sound Upgrade The hearing system sound is artificially expanded and more full
HiFi functionality With in-the-ear hearing systems, it ensures crystal-clear sound and optimum speech comprehension
Comformatic The hearing system sound is automatically adjusted for the current hearing situation
Auto-situation-adaption The hearing system sound is automatically adjusted for the hearing situation, resulting in optimum speech comprehension
Binaural synchronization Right and left hearing systems are synchronized wirelessly
Adaptive wind noise reduction The hearing system automatically identifies and reduces wind noise
Noise manager The hearing system automatically suppresses disruptive ambient noise
Anti-feedback-system The hearing system automatically identifies and suppresses any tendency to feedback
ComforClean The surface finish simplifies maintenance and extends the service life of the hearing system
Battery charging station The hearing system can be operated with either disposable or rechargeable batteries
Bluetooth remote control Smart Connect This Bluetooth remote control links the hearing system wirelessly with other audio devices
Remote control The remote control provides a convenient way to change the hearing programs and set the volume
Smart Remote App Together with this free app, you can use your smartphone to remotely control the basic functions of the G3 hearing systems directly without any additional devices.