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The peak of miniaturization.

Familienbild des Im-Ohr-Hörsystem Icon G2

The smallest in-the-ear hearing systems from Audio Service are called Icon. These extremely small devices are available as either DIC (from TL 8 upwards) or Mini-CIC systems. A DIC is inserted so deeply in the auditory canal that it sits directly next to the eardrum and is therefore hardly externally visible. It functions completely automatically, i.e. the hearing system automatically adjusts to different hearing situations. The Mini-CIC version of the Icon is also practically invisible, because it sits deep in the anterior auditory canal. This version offers the option of manual operation of the hearing system by push button. There are additional optional accessories available for selected Icon hearing systems: The classic remote control or Audiostreamer Smart Connect which also allows hearing systems to be networked with TV, telephone or music systems, and easy switch of hearing programs or volume. An app designed to work with Smart Connect allows the hearing system to be operated by Smartphone. This is also possible with another app, the Smart Remote App - without the need for any additional accessories.

The choice of hearing solutiondepends on anatomical factors and your personal requirements.

Icon hearing systems are available from Tech Level 3 upwards.