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Hearing systems are miniature high-performance computers

Our ears perform amazing feats on a daily basis. Indeed, human hearing covers an extremely wide dynamic and frequency range: From the quiet buzzing of a bug right to extremely loud noises (e.g., a jack-hammer), we can hear and process everything.

Meanwhile, our ears never take a break. They’re constantly alert, even when we’re asleep – and that’s a good thing. Keen hearing keeps us safe and enables us to enjoy life more. After all, how dull would it be if we couldn't hear music, the neighing of a horse, or children’s laughter? Good hearing is important in our professional lives as well. We need to be able to follow discussions and identify warning signals. Communication in general is an essential part of human society.

As we age, however, our ability to hear tends to wane. Listening becomes more difficult and tiring, and it only gets worse as hearing loss progresses. That’s when you know that something needs to be done.

Luckily, modern hearing systems are excellent at compensating for hearing deficits. General technological advances have transformed hearing systems into miniature high-performance computers. They now employ intelligent methods to filter out background noise and accentuate speech. Their automatic functions also combine an appropriate, balanced listening experience with excellent speech comprehension in any situation. With the right hearing system, you’ll hear quiet noises again, understand speech clearly, and benefit from effective background noise suppression. Get back to enjoying music thanks to our HiFi frequency response technology,  and take advantage of our special wind-suppression components – especially during outdoor activities.

Your hearing system professional can fine-tune a system to address your particular hearing loss using state-of-the-art computer technology. Its automatic functions will also offer plenty of convenience; you can even set up special hearing programs for certain hearing situations and activate them by remote control or smartphone. With all these features, your personal hearing system can help you enjoy your everyday life to the fullest. You can also link your system to your smartphone or other devices through Bluetooth wireless connectivity, placing it at the center of your own interconnected world.

From high-performance BTE hearing systems to practically invisible, cosmetic ITE hearing systems, there is an extensive range of available models to choose from. These products combine unparalleled craftsmanship with comprehensive service packages to offer even the most demanding customers personalized solutions.