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The Future of New Hearing – G3 Technology Now in All Audio Service Hearing System Models

Herford, 2015 – The perfect, up-to-date hearing solution for every requirement: All models of Audio Service hearing systems now feature the pioneering G3 technology. This means that the hearing systems offers improved spatial hearing, greater connectivity and better ease of operation. Users of the new Audio Service products featuring these innovations benefit from the natural sound, greater ease of understanding in challenging acoustic situations, versatile network possibilities in interacting with entertainment and communication electronics, as well greater and more convenient ease of use.

The most important of G3’s performance features is its improvements in spatial hearing. The new AudioSpot and AudioFocus 360 features localize the people speaking to you in a noisy environment. Depending on the location of the speaker, i.e. whether they’re in front or to the side of you, the hearing systems recognize and focus on the source of the sound while at the same time fading out background noise. This means that situations that are a bit tricky even for those with normal hearing are acoustically optimized. The uncomfortable effort required for hearing that people with audio communication problems experience is considerably reduced.

The new technology also results in the hearing systems offering greater connectivity. In connection with the functions and possibilities of the Smart Connect audio streamer, the G3 technology turns Audio Service hearing systems into the central interface of all modern entertainment communication electronic devices. While the hearing systems communicate seamlessly with each other and with Smart Connect, the audio streamer connects to computers, TV devices, music systems or smart phones via Bluetooth or a cable, and transmits the signals in HiFi quality. For perfect convenience of operation, Audio Service offers the Smart Connect app, which can be installed onto a smart phone used as a versatile remote control. In addition to being able to switch between audio sources, you can also switch between the hearing programs of the hearing systems where needed. The new Smart Remote app also acts as an alternative remote control option for all Audio Service hearing systems. This helps to switch the hearing programs and control functions of the hearing systems reliably from the smart phone without any need for additional devices.  

Each model in Audio Service’s current product range is available in different Tech Levels. From the basic service to innovative G3 technology, the perfect hearing solution can be selected and configured individually and precisely. Hearing systems by Audio Service are therefore universal companions for all people who are in the prime of their lives and who hold and want to hear, understand and enjoy stimulating conversations.

Since it was founded, Audio Service has enjoyed a thoroughly successful company history and is currently offering the entire spectrum of highly developed and reliable hearing systems. The company based in Herford, Germany, is able to provide the perfect care for almost any type of hearing loss. The products are professionally and individually adapted exclusively by hearing system specialists. Hearing systems are exported to over 40 countries worldwide.