R Li 8

The rechargeable RICs for even better hearing in noise.

Our most popular form factor now offers even better hearing in noise with Multi-Track Processing on G8, with Auto Optimization. It can now process and balance multiple target speakers at once, while maintaining environmental awareness – fully automatically. Users can also enjoy streaming with the latest MFI and ASHA protocol.

R Li 8 standard equipment

  • Multi-Track processing with up to 5 tracks
  • G8 Auto Optimization
  • Direct Streaming for iOS and Android (ASHA)
  • Integrated Motion Sensor
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Easy handling of R Li 8

Watch our short tutorials to see how easy it is to take care of the R Li 8 hearing aids.

Charging with the Travel Charger RIC
Charging with the Universal Cable Charger
How to clean R Li 8 hearing aids
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