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Behind-the-ear systems

Little helpers with big capacity

Behind-the-ear hearing systems nowadays are small, discreet, fit perfectly behind the ear and are available in attractive colors. BTEs can address many different types of hearing loss.

How does sound enter the ear? It is carried into the ear via a small tube. At the end of the tube is an earpiece, technically known as an ear mould, that is custom-made to fit your auditory canal.


Hinter dem Ohr Hörsystem XS
Audio Service Modell XS

The models in the XS range are particularly small and can be worn extremely discreetly behind the ear. This solution is particularly suitable for mild to medium hearing loss.


Hinter dem Ohr Hörsystem DUO
Audio Service Modell DUO

The Duo models are characterised by the fact that they can be used as an open-ear or conventional system. The advantage of an open-ear system is that the auditory canal is not closed off. Thin, transparent tubing makes it even more discreet. It is very well-suited for light to medium hearing loss.


Hinter dem Ohr Hörsystem POWER
Audioservice Modell POWER

The Power model is available in 3 models and has all the technical prerequisites for restoring good comprehension in cases of medium hearing loss.

High Power Model

Behind-the-ear - High Power
Audio Service Modell High Power

The slightly larger High Power models address severe hearing loss, helping to improve quality of life.