Successful together

Audio Service provides you with a broad package of innovative material. Whether tutorials, downloads, circulars, user manuals, or visuals: Audio Service presents you with a complete package. If you need more information on our sales concept please do not hesitate to contact us.

Everything from a single source

Our sales promotion measures also include a comprehensive array of accessories. From free apps for the easy operation of the hearing systems, ear molds, options for wireless connection with many communication media, to regular and rechargeable batteries. Many of our hearing systems can be operated optionally with rechargeable or regular batteries, and thanks to intelligent energy management, both rechargeable and regular batteries last a particularly long time.

Small helpers with a large effect

Audio Service offers a comprehensive range of mercury-free hearing system batteries for all battery-operated hearing systems. Our name-brand batteries available in various sizes are zinc-air batteries. They offer a long service life and thus guarantee reliable service by the hearing systems. They not only have an outstanding battery life and a stably high voltage level but are also 100% tested and non-corrosive. In addition, we offer you the option of having the battery pack imprinted with your logo. Please contact us!
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