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Our competent persons support you, as a hearing systems specialist, in all technical questions on our products, partnership with Audio Service, or training courses/sessions.

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Thank your for visiting our website! At Audio Service, we work closely together with our partners, hearing systems specialists. Your medical history is very important, especially if you have any questions about our products. Therefore, please contact your hearing system specialist directly as a general rule. Information on topics such as maintenance, changing batteries and many other questions can be found in our FAQ area.

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Matthias Luebbert

Sales Manager Export

+49 5732 6878 4514

Claudia Buesching


+49 5732 6878 4514

Stefan Schwerhoff

Audiologist & Trainer

+49 5732 6878 4514

Sabine Faust

Sales Support

+49 5732 6878 4514

Michael Weitkamp

Head of Technical Service

+49 5732 6878 4514

Hendrik Retzlaff

Connexx Support

+49 5732 6878 4514

Sascha Lindenlauf

Audiological Support

+49 5732 6878 4514

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