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DUO 3 G4

The DUO behind-the-ear model features state-of-the-art design coupled with a host of options for customized hearing system fitting. The hearing systems DUO 3 G4 feature an attractive price-performance ratio. Handling via the Smart Remote app enhance the ease of use of the DUO 3 G4.

Product features

  • Mini-BTE with battery size 13
  • Programmable Rocker switch
  • Telephone coil
  • 12 signal processing channels / 6 frequency channels
  • 4 hearing programs
  • Data Logging
  • Anti-Feedback system
  • Noise Manager
  • AudioTronic multi-microphone system

    • Directional static
    • Automatic


  • Remote Control Smart Key
  • Smart Remote App
Hörsystem Duo 4 G3 in silber/granit

Housing colors

  • Beige
  • Dark granite