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Smart Direct App

The Smart Direct app is more than just a remote control for your hearing systems. Phone calls and music can be sent directly from the iPhone to the hearing systems, without any additional accessories. In addition, the app allows the G5 hearing systems to access the smartphone’s movement sensors and obtain feedback about your current hearing environment. When you are moving, all-around ambient hearing is automatically activated, for example.

Smart Connect App

The free Smart Connect app makes it even easier for you to use the Smart Connect remote control for your hearing systems. The app allows you to select the required hearing program, adjust the volume, or switch to external audio sources discreetly using your smartphone.

In tech level 12 and 16 G4 hearing systems, you can also use the Smart Connect app to control the AudioDirSelect function. This allows you to select the direction from which you want to understand speech.

Smart Remote App

The free Smart Remote app converts your smartphone into a discreet remote control for your hearing systems. You can now customize and control hearing programs, volume, and tone simply via your smartphone without any additional accessories or costs.

In addition you can chose your hearing direction with TL 12 and 16 hearing systems thanks to AudioDirSelect.

For easy access with your smartphone please use the adjoining QR Code.