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You can download our free app to your smartphone for our Audiostreamer Smart Connect.

A free Smart Remote App is available for all hearing systems, to allow simple operation of the hearing systems - without any accessories.

For our G5 hearing systems the free Smart Direct App is available

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Audio Service offers two different types of batteries.

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The new customised ear-mould solution for perfect fit and secure hold in every situation.

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Wireless CROS/BiCROS for binaural hearing for unilateral, unaidable hearing loss

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Smart Connect

Operation at he press of a button. The new Smart Connect with its simple operation gives your customers a wireless connection with many communication media.

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Smart Key

The handiness of the Smart Key remote control is what sets it apart.

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Smart Li-Ion Power

The charging station for hearing systems with lithium-ionen technology.

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Smart Mic

The Smart Mic is a all rounder. You can use it as a remote control, a streaming device and a conference microphone.

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Smart Power

Rechargeable batteries – for cost-effective, independent operation of your hearing systems.

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Smart Remote

For quick and easy change of volume and hearing program

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Smart Transmitter 2,4

With the Smart Transmitter 2,4, audio signals can be transferred from the television or stereo system directly to the G5 hearing systems.

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