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Together into the future: Audio Service's new hearing system technologies combine current entertainment with consumer electronics trends

Löhne, October 2018 – The future is acoustic. Computer and consumer electronics are increasingly controlled by voice command. The electronic assistants answer via smart speakers or directly via a headset or hearing system. Consequently, hearing systems face new challenges and the opportunity to make themselves increasingly indispensable by opening up new horizons beyond the audiological benefits. With Audio Service's G5 technology, hearing systems are well prepared for the future. Their connectivity joined by the use of smartphone apps turn the ear into an interface between good hearing and state-of-the-art communication technology. Combined with the new powerful battery technology, the Mood Li-Ion G5 RIC hearing systems are groundbreaking and unique.

Users of these hearing systems are not only immersed in new worlds of sound; they are also experiencing a significant increase in convenience through connectivity with other computer and consumer electronics devices, which offer a variety of advantages including telephone calls, listening to music, TV and video streaming, and hearing notifications of various apps. Their excellent suitability for everyday use makes these hearing systems the ideal acoustic companion for almost all situations.

A perfect combination: the new RIC Mood Li-Ion hearing system with Direct Audio Streaming and lithium-ion battery technology

Direct Audio Streaming is an essential element for the integration of numerous external apps. This makes it possible to use almost all features of a smartphone acoustically via the hearing system. The hearing systems thus become a kind of intelligent and individually adapted interface between ear and app. To stream other audio sources such as TVs, music systems or PCs, the Smart Transmitter is interposed. The reproduction of the corresponding sources achieves excellent sound quality and thus becomes a pleasure for those who enjoy listening to music and want to be acoustically close to the action.

In terms of wearing comfort, a significant innovation ought to be highlighted that makes unlimited listening pleasure possible without changing the battery: the Mood Li-Ion G5 RIC hearing systems are equipped with lithium-ion batteries that are inductively rechargeable. At the same time, the devices are dried in the charging station.

Occlumatic ensures the natural perception of the wearer's own voice.

The Occlumatic feature makes an important contribution to improving hearing comfort. Through a learning process, the device recognizes the wearer's own voice and modulates it so that it sounds familiar and natural. In this way, Occlumatic ensures much higher spontaneous acceptance during the acclimation process, especially in initial fitting.

Furthermore, the G5 AudioLink technology also makes a major contribution to the hearing quality. It serves to wirelessly connect the left and right hearing systems with each other and to permanently synchronize their hearing information. This creates a very natural listening experience. With MotionSense, the G5 hearing systems are able to evaluate the motion sensor of the smartphone from an audiological point of view. The adaptive hearing system parameters can thus be continuously adapted to changing situations. Spatial acoustic perception is decisive for natural listening experiences. SpatialSpot allows the system to focus on what the wearer wants to hear in any given situation. Improvements in the input dynamics further ensure that signals are transmitted distortion-free.

Ida BT: the first Audio Service custom hearing system with Direct Audio Streaming

The versatile and powerful G5 technology is now also available for in-the-ear hearing systems. The Ida BT G5 is therefore a pioneer and bundles its features in a confined space for use in the ear canal. Thanks to its smartphone connectivity, this audiological all-rounder not only enables the discrete remote control of individual features, but also the acoustic use of numerous apps via Direct Audio Streaming. These hearing systems effortlessly master even the most challenging listening situations and are open to many additional uses in the field of app connectivity. Like all hearing systems, they are individually and precisely configured to suit the needs of their users.

Smaller than small: the custom model Icon G5 Precise

As a specialist in in-the-ear hearing solutions, Audio Service also offers an extremely small hearing system in this segment with the Icon G5 Precise. The small size is made possible by special microphones and very thin housing shells. The G5 technology maintains its usual high performance bandwidth and, with its extended dynamic range even within miniature format, ensures perfect sound experiences at any volume and intensity without noticeable distortion. The innovative G5 technology is therefore available for all areas of application and customer requirements.

“With the innovative RIC Mood Li-Ion G5 and the Ida BT G5 custom model, we not only offer individual and unrestricted listening pleasure. With the new G5 technology, we also facilitate the use of numerous features that are essentially implemented through smartphone apps,” says Thomas Mettang, Managing Director of AS AUDIO-SERVICE GmbH. “Hearing systems have thus become an important interface with unimagined development opportunities. These technically near-perfect hearing systems provide an extremely high level of audiological value and perform additional tasks that make them increasingly important and indispensable to people.”