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Smart technologies for comfortable hearing:

How connectivity makes the new generation of hearing systems from Audio Service the perfect acoustic companion for every day

Sun 16 G5, the latest generation of hearing systems from Audio Service

Löhne, October 2017 – To hear well, you need to get connected. Because these days, it's hard to imagine communication without electronic media. Whether at work, at home or out and about, people communicate all the time via smartphone, tablet and PC on a range of channels. That makes hearing into a new acoustic challenge every day, but one which the Sun 16 G5, the new smart hearing system and digital companion from Audio Service, is more than qualified to meet. The developers have equipped it with intelligent features and connection options that effectively combine audiological benefits and convenient smartphone and app connectivity. 

Wearers of these innovative hearing systems derive the greatest benefit from the user-friendly and powerful technology in many different acoustically challenging situations. Whether in a restaurant, at a video conference or jogging in the big outdoors: the Sun 16 G5 is up to any challenge. Together with their ability to connect to other communication media, modern hearing systems have evolved into real all-rounders for work and leisure.
A key area of this connectivity is Direct Audio Streaming, which allows the Sun 16 G5 to connect directly to an iPhone without the need for any additional equipment. This enables direct streaming of telephone calls to both ears in pristine sound quality via both hearing systems. For other applications, such as listening to music or connection to a navigation app, the hearing devices act as stereo headphones. This is achieved by simply installing the Smart Direct app on the user's iPhone.

Using this app, wearers can easily adjust the hearing program, the volume of both hearing systems, and acoustic signals via their smartphone to suit their own individual requirements. As a new feature, the Smart Direct app now also creates an environment profile for the user, offering a range of information, such as daily noise exposure, thus considerably facilitating the task of optimization for hearing system specialists during fine adjustment and after-care. 

Connection to consumer electronics, such as a TV or stereo system, is via the Smart Transmitter 2,4, which converts the audio signals to a Bluetooth® profile and enables convenient audio streaming via various household media in order to enjoy films or music in stereo.
The best possible hearing experience for each individual wearer can only be assured with the right audiological strategies, one of which is G5 AudioLink technology, which enables the left and right hearing system to constantly exchange data. This balancing of acoustic signals forms the technical basis for optimizing sound processing, making it as natural as possible. A further pioneering innovation is the MotionSense feature – this enables G5 hearing systems to audiologically evaluate the movement sensor in smartphones, while the omni-directional mode ensures 360-degree perception when cycling, jogging or driving. If motion is interrupted, the Sun 16 G5 automatically switches to directional mode. This provides yet another basis for the acoustic analysis, allowing the adaptive hearing system parameters to adjust to the situation.

Another new feature: Using Occlumatic technology, the Sun 16 G5 learns to recognize the wearer's voice during the adjustment process and automatically adjusts amplification and compression to make the voice sound more pleasing to the ear.
The new generation of hearing systems employs the dynamic expansion of microphone characteristics to master the great challenge of complex listening situations involving group conversations and background noise. These systems focus frontal signals while also permitting influences from other directions so that the wearer can concentrate on the conversation but also respond to ambient noise.
With its extended dynamic range, the Sun 16 G5 makes it possible to hear sounds and noises of different volumes and intensities in all hearing system programs crisply and clearly without any noticeable distortion.
"The Sun 16 G5 hearing system marks a whole new generation of technology that reflects the latest research and development", said Thomas Mettang, CEO of AS AUDIO-SERVICE GmbH. "Our focus is not only on continually improving the hearing comfort of hearing system wearers, it is also on optimizing customization for hearing system specialists, such as with the new wireless programming via Noahlink Wireless. We aim to achieve maximum customer satisfaction amongst hearing system wearers and amongst our acoustic partners."

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