Error after programming: Sina or Icon can no longer be switched on after programming.

The battery compartment lid was interchanged. The left side was erroneously mounted on the right custom model and vice versa.

BTE, RIC or custom models cannot be programmed.

Please check the programming cable. A list of appropriate cables and adapters can be found via the following link.

A monaural hearing system can no longer be programmed after the repair.

Connect a second hearing system or use the Connexx service options.

A Mimic Fit cannot be performed by G4 on G3.

A Mimic Fit can only be performed within or on a higher technology generation.

tune hearing systems cannot be programmed binaurally.

Please ensure that both hearing systems are set to the same Tech Level.

Hearing systems cannot be programmed with Connexx 8.

Hearing systems prior to the G2 generation must be programmed with Connexx 6.

Hearing systems are not recognized in Connexx.

Please check whether the most recent Connexx version is installed.

Technical problems

Only noise comes out of the hearing system.

Please replace the microphone screens.

Wearer Comfort

Ear mold or custom model is not seated as desired.

Please send in the ear mold or custom model together with the impression and mark the problem area.


The battery status of the hearing systems is not shown in the Smart Remote app.

Please set up the Smart Remote app during Connexx programming and use the QR code indicated.

The pairing of hearing system and Smart Remote app does not work.

Please set up the Smart Remote app during Connexx programming and use the QR code indicated.

The Smart Direct app cannot be paired with the hearing systems.

Please ensure that you have installed the Audio Service Smart Direct app on your smartphone. There are other apps in the respective app store with the name Smart Direct App.

How do I set up my app?

Please use the following guideline.

App and accessory guide


The Smart Key cannot be paired with the hearing system.

The Smart Key cannot be paired with the hearing system. Please switch off the hearing system (open battery drawer) and wait approx. 20 seconds before switching the hearing systems back on again. The hearing system is then in pairing mode for 3 minutes. (See also guideline)

A hearing system with battery no longer charges.

Please send in the hearing system, including the charging station.

A hearing system with a rechargeable battery is new and does not charge in the Smart Power charging station.

Please check whether the insert is securely screwed into the Smart Power charging station. (Also see the video)

Smart Key pairing with the hearing system does not work although I heard the confirmation tone.

Please ensure that you did not hold down the P button too long.

Smart Key suddenly stops working.

Please check the battery.

During transmission using Smart Connect, there are glitches occasionally.

Please observe the prescribed scope. (see also the video)

When charging the hearing systems with the Smart Power charging station, the red LED lights up immediately and the charging process is not stopped.

Independent of the battery charge status, the charging process always takes 6 hours. In addition, check whether a battery is inserted or refer to the user guide.

User guide
The Smart Connect cannot be paired with the hearing system.

Follow the steps in the brief instructions.

Brief instructions

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