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The success story

Ear trumpet – the first hearing system

In 1976, the hearing-system specialist Horst Peter Hühne recognised the benefits of in-the-ear hearing systems during a visit to America. No later than on his return to Germany from New York, he decided to found a company in Germany to produce and sell in-the-ear hearing systems. At the start of 1977, he brought his plan to fruition.

History of the company:

1977 Founding of the company, in-the-ear hearing systems launched on the German market, making Audio Service the first provider of in-the-ear hearing systems in Germany.
1978 Manufacture of own in-the-ear hearing systems begins.
1980 Introduction of the world’s first in-the-ear hearing system with a separate 3-position switch.
1983 Company moves to larger premises in Kurfürstenstraße in Herford. Unveiling of the first self-developed Audio Service in-the-ear hearing system with modular technology.
1984 The unexpectedly great success of in-the-ear hearing systems necessitates another move. The new company premises are at Zeppelinstraße 9 in Herford.
1988 Product range expanded through the sale of behind-the-ear systems.
1990 Market launch of HF2 cerumen protection filter.
1991 Market launch of the first fully customised modules from Audio Service.
1995 Launch of digitally programmable hearing systems.
1995 Audio Service now employs 120 personnel in development, production and sale of hearing systems.
Export expanded to include the following countries: Austria, Switzerland, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Turkey, Japan and Poland.
1997 Business partnership set up in Poland.
1998 Launch of HF3 – wax guard with refill system.
2002 World first launch of ComforClean and ComforMed, the dirt-resistant and anti-bacterial coatings for hearing systems.
2003 Launch of state-of-the-art laser technology for production of ITE housings.
2004 Series production of custom earpieces (ear moulds) begins. Manufacturing process uses laser technology.
Launch of the Microsafe microphone filter, the first microphone filter in the world to not only reduce wind noise but also protect from soiling.
Introduction of computer-supported production of ITEs with integrated faceplate using laser technology.
2005 The Mobile Hearing Unit goes on the road. Fully equipped with driver and audiometer, the acoustic specialist can promote products at key public sites or events.
2006 Unveiling of Sky, the world's first ITE especially for open-ear use.
2007 Introduction of RIC (receiver-in-canal) hearing systems with CLIC MOULD custom ear mould.
2008 New communication opportunities: audio data (from phone, radio, TV, etc.) is transmitted directly to the hearing systems via Bluetooth.
Premium in-the-ear hearing systems are produced to the highest quality standards in new premises at the production facility, the Atelier.
2009 Introduction of the wax guard, HF4, a further development of the well-proven HF3 filter system.
2010 Audio Service wins the red dot design award for the XS BTE model.
2011 Thomas Mettang takes over the management of Audio Service.
Audio Service introduces Icon, a new in-the-ear hearing system that can also be manufactured as a DIC (deep-in-canal) hearing system for fitting deep inside the auditory canal.
2012 Audio Service employs a workforce of around 180.
2013 Rixx G2 is decorated with the red dot design award
2014 Launch of Audio Service microConnect App
2015 Audio Service introduces G3 hearing system generation