Social Responsibility

We at Audio Service bear responsibility for the current and future generations.

To leave prosperity and a livable environment behind for our children and grandchildren throughout the world, thinking and acting in a responsible way is firmly anchored in our corporate culture. The protection of natural resources, occupational safety, employee welfare, compliance with laws and engagement in the social environment – these are the basic principles on which we are focused. We work together on the future which is worth living for subsequent generations as well and keeps all options open.

Here, environmentally conscious actions start with the small details. Energy-saving lights, light switches with motion detectors or even ecological paper help preserve resources.

For Audio Service, helping financially disadvantaged people is a matter of course. As a manufacturer of hearing systems, we support numerous organizations with in-kind donations. For many years, we have been helping children in Uganda gain more quality of life and supporting the Round Table camp for children and young people.

Because in-kind donations alone are not enough, we annually donate to the DKMS (German Bone Marrow Donor File) to combat blood cancer and “Aktion Mensch,” in lieu of Christmas gifts. We also support regional projects, such as the annual Social Day. During Social Day, schoolchildren work here for a day and donate the money they earn for a social purpose.

We are particularly proud of our trainees who are independently organizing projects to collect donations for good causes. As a result, UNICEF, “Weihnachten im Schuhkarton” (Operation Christmas Child) and other projects can enjoy a donation.
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