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Company profile

AS AUDIO-SERVICE GmbH – Putting the joy back into life

When it comes to the reasons for its success, the hearing system manufacturer AS AUDIO-SERVICE GmbH can point to three key factors: entrepreneurial spirit, innovative capacity, and a focus on service. Since its founding in 1977 in Herford, Germany, the company has made it its mission to put joy back into the lives of the hearing impaired by providing high-quality hearing systems that enable them to live life to the fullest again. Audio Service products are only available from hearing care professionals.

Smart solutions pave the way for success

Audio Service has also driven or played a decisive role in a number of innovations that have revolutionized hearing technology in recent decades. In 1988, for example, the company designed its special HF 2 wax guard, which represented a true breakthrough offering direct advantages to the hearing system wearer. This filter reliably protects the wearer against contaminants such as cerumen (wax), dirt, and moisture, and the system itself from damage. Over the years, these filters have been continuously optimized, which has resulted in the current HF 4 – an indispensable component of modern hearing systems. Millions are produced every year and employed in hearing systems across the globe.

To ensure that hearing system wearers always have access to Audio Service products of the highest quality, the company has also made constant improvements to its manufacturing process with a focus on semi-modular technology. This makes it possible to perform repairs more quickly, more simply, and thus more cost-effectively. Meanwhile, the computer-assisted manufacturing techniques adopted in 2004 have allowed for even greater precision in producing Audio Service hearing systems. As part of this effort, the company also expanded its portfolio with an additional variant: an open ITE system that closes as little of the auditory canal as possible. A new in-studio production approach then enabled Audio Service to exceed its own lofty standards. Here, the company creates products that are customized down to the last detail for hearing system wearers who demand maximum hearing pleasure from the smallest possible system. Each individual high-quality component is repeatedly fine-tuned and calibrated to the other elements. The result? One-of-a-kind systems that are among the finest the industry has to offer.

Improving the lives of people with poor hearing has always been a top priority in the Development department at Audio Service. Ultimately, the wearer wants to be able to rely on a constantly high level of hearing in every situation in life, including outdoors. With this in mind, Audio Service developed the world’s first solution for ITE hearing systems that reduces wind noise: the Microsafe microphone filter. In doing so, the company drew on the positive experiences gained over the years with its HF filters.

Select hearing systems from Audio Service are also available with a Bluetooth remote control, which makes it possible to create a wireless connection between the hearing system and external audio sources (such as a telephone or television). This transforms the hearing system into a convenient headset. Bluetooth opens up a whole host of other possible uses for the hearing system wearer, as well. It’s safe to say that Audio Service will continue to have a decisive influence on the development of its industry in the future.

Sophisticated down to the smallest detail

In some respects, hearing systems are very similar to other modern devices: For example, they should be easy to care for and clean. Audio Service’s deliberations on this subject led to the development of ComforMed, a coating that offers the ideal solution for ITE hearing systems. It can be relied on to protect hearing systems from dust and dirt – and cleaning it is child’s play. ComforMed also acts as a shield against bacteria and germs, adding another feature that provides the wearer with the utmost in comfort.

A well-rehearsed team

However technically advanced it may be, a hearing system can only function optimally when it is correctly adjusted. This is where hearing system professionals come into play. After all, every hearing system wearer is different and has different hearing preferences and needs. Hearing system professionals are properly trained and have the knowledge necessary to take all of these aspects into account when performing adjustments. The relationship between hearing system professionals and manufacturers thus plays an important role as the basis on which mutual agreements are reached concerning the intricacies of the systems. This is why each and every hearing system professional has access to competent, experienced contact partners at Audio Service. In such cases, both sides can work together on pursuing the objective they are most passionate about achieving: putting joy back into the lives of those with hearing loss.