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Audio Service - Partnering with customers to build successful hearing brands and businesses 

Since 1977, Audio Service has been partnering with customers to build successful hearing businesses. Working like an extension of our partners´ business, we put their brand first, creating the product and service offering their customers want, and the market-driven innovations that keep them moving forward. In the fast-growing hearing industry, Audio Service is the preferred private label partner.

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With innovative solutions for success.

Core competence

We have grown and become well known for custom hearing aids. Even today, we are still the undisputed market leader in the custom hearing system segment and we defend our market leadership through regular innovations. In addition, we offer a complete range of products with behind-the-ear hearing systems, open-fitting systems, RIC hearing systems, ear molds as well as a comprehensive array of accessories and apps. We provide solutions for hearing care professionals to accelerate their businesses.

Quality & customer satisfaction

In the development department of Audio Service, priority is always given to improving the quality of life of hearing-impaired persons. Finally, hearing system wearers want to be able to depend on equally good hearing at any stage of life, including during outdoor activities. Quality and customer satisfaction are very important to us. Audio Service has confirmed this for many years with the DIN EN ISO 13485 certification through TÜV Süd. To offer our international customers even more efficient and faster service, Audio Service has had the AEO certificate since March 22, 2013 and is thus officially an “authorized economic operator.”

An equal partnership

A hearing system, as technically sophisticated as it may be, can provide optimal benefits only if it is correctly fitted. The hearing system specialist is the address of choice for this. This is because each hearing system wearer is different and has different listening preferences and needs. The hearing system specialist has the training and knowledge to take all of these aspects into account during the fitting and implement them accordingly. At times, the link between the hearing systems specialist and the manufacturer also plays an important role in this. It is an interface when it comes to adjusting the corresponding fine points. Every hearing systems specialist will find competent, experienced advisors at Audio Service for this.

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Want a fresh impetus?

Recognizing market changes early on, drawing conclusions from current studies, maintaining dialogue with experts – we at Audio Service view ourselves as a sparring partner for our customers. For this reason, we also offer knowledge transfer as a service to help promote sales. The more you and your employees keep pace with what is happening, the better you can advise your customers. Let’s stay in contact!
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